General Fitness Related FAQ’s

Being a female, hope doing exercise daily will not make my body look manly?
After leaving workout in the gym, do we start to put on weight again?
After leaving exercise hope my body will not become loose?
I have one month with me can I make body in 1 month only?
Can you reduce fat only from my arms or stomach or butts or lower body only?
How many times we need to work out in a week?
Will I see changes in my body just with the workout if I don’t follow the diet?
I have one month with me can I make body in 1 month only?
Is it ok to take alcohol once a week while following a workout routine?
I want to quit smoking so can I join gym for the same?
Can’t body be made by doing sex?
Does doing exercise on daily basis can be a hurdle in increasing body height?
Which is the right age to join a gym?
Can cardio or weight training alone make a difference in my body?
Is it possible to change the body without lifting weights?
What is the difference between free weights and resistance machines, and which should I be using as per my body type?
What are the main benefits of working with a personal trainer?
Is walking or running better for fat loss?
How long should I rest between training days?
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