Yearly Membership

We at Key gym are now present in Kandivali east. We have come up with all kinds of advanced machinery and equipment where our clients can workout with ease and enthusiasm. We offer our members with personal training. We at Key gym have certified trainers to work with our members at our fitness club in Thakur complex Kandivali. We have our training programs designed based on different variables like age, lifestyle, medical history, gender, strength, bone structure and other particular goals.

We at Key gym provide medical monitoring to our clients on a regular basis so that we get to know of any major changes happening in their bodies. We provide our clients with Nutrition counseling where our renowned nutritionists help our clients with nutritional programs. Nutrition is a major essential component along with exercise as your high energy and lasting health completely depend on the intake of your food.

We have flexible gym timings for people of all age groups and genders and our members can choose the time slot of their choice for their workout session at Key gym in Thakur Complex, Kandivali. The best part of the Key gym is that we are open 24*7 unlike other gyms in Thakur Complex Kandivali, so choosing the time slot by our clients of their own choice is not tough at all. We at Key gym have all the superior quality services but at affordable rates. We at Key gym have free Wi-Fi service for all our members. We at Key Gym have the steam room and shower rooms too for our clients. This kind of luxury amenity is the most preferred service for all the people who are fond of gym. The steam room helps in improving blood circulation and also plays an important role in clearing the skin. Our shower area will help you in getting ready if you are heading straight towards your work post-workout session.

We at Key gym have several types of trainings which we offer to our clients which are as follows:

  • Weight training – Weight training exercises helps in toning up of the muscles. Also, this helps in strengthening your muscles too which further helps in improving your body posture. Free weight training is also one of the forms of weight training exercises.
  • Cardio – Cardio exercises helps in strengthening your lungs and the super most organ of your body which is the heart. Cardio workout basically helps in keeping both mind and body healthy. Cardio workout improves the blood circulation which helps in increasing the glow on your skin. The most important role of this workout is that it helps in controlling obesity. There are various types of equipments at Key gym like Cross trainers, treadmills and several bikes which help in doing the cardio workout.
  • CrossFit – We at Key Gym also have a CrossFit section in our gym to improve your flexibility, agility and balance. This is the best option for those who are looking for a gym with CrossFit in Thakur Complex.
  • Personal training – We at Key Gym have professional trainers who will guide you as per your age, gender, and body type.

We at Key gym also have the locker facility available with us in the gym where our members can place their clothes as well as other stuff in the lockers while they are doing the workout.

Key Gym in Thakur Complex, Kandivali is a one-stop destination for all fitness and non-fitness freaks.